We are a local renovation company that first started in 1995. We were only just a small business by then. We started becoming contractors for the multiple local homes that were just within the are of Knoxville, TN. By then, we realized that more and more of our customers were from this happy little place we all come home. And that is how Knoxville Remodeling Pro came to be.

Our company name says it all. We design like pros, we build like pros, and we care about our customers like pros. If you have a design in mind, don’t keep it to yourselves. Share it with us and we’ll share decades of knowledge that we have accumulated through trial and error. Want to build a room that you personally designed? Share it to us and we’ll make absolutely sure that you get that room of your dreams. Planning in rebuilding your old, antique home for your son or daughter? No problem! We’ll even make sure that it’s better than the old design.

At Knoxville Remodeling Pro, our customers are like our family members. Our team of contractors is always ready to help all of our loyal clientele. This is why our company is always number one in Knoxville; because this is where we started and this is where we’ll remain while we have plenty of customers who ask for our opinion when it comes to house remodeling services. We also do not overcharge our customers. Why ask for more money from people who have already gained your trust? As long as business comes to us, our prices remain the same; at an affordable and reasonable rate!

Give us a call now and we’ll be more than happy to give you a free quote for your planned renovation. And if you need us to send a contractor to your home right away, don’t hesitate to give us a call!